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▌赞助VIP (全站资源免费下载特权)
  Sponsor VIP (free download privileges for all site resources)

· 年度会员:39美元  (365天)、您可以下载价格低于 39 的插件
· Annual membership: USD 39 (365 days)
· You can download plugins priced below 39

· 永久会员:69美元  (终生有效)、您可以任意下载所有的插件
· Permanent membership: USD 69 (Permanent)
· You can download all plugins


  Note :

During the validity period, you can enjoy free download privileges on the whole site, including updates

本站所有资源分享通过Google Drive 下载
All resources on this site are shared and downloaded through Google Drive


▌微信 / 支付宝 / PayPal (赞助支付)
WeChat / Alipay / PayPal (Sponsored Payment)


After the sponsorship payment, please email to contact the manual activation, it will take effect immediately!








Member notice:

  • VIP会员仅在有效期内享有下载特权,逾期自动失效;
  • 请妥善保管自己的帐户及密码,切勿泄漏或与他人共享;
  • 本站资源下载信息不得公开发布,一经发现,永久封号;
  • 如有资源下载链接失效或有任何疑问请邮箱联系
  • VIP members are only entitled to download privileges within the validity period, and they will automatically expire after the expiration date
  • Please keep your account and password properly and do not leak or share it with others
  • The resource download information of this site shall not be released to the public. Once discovered, the title will be permanently banned
  • If the resource download link is invalid or have any questions, please email


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