LUTS调色预设 Creator LUT Pack (STD+LOG) – FCPX Full Access

The Creator LUT Pack for Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and all other video editing software!

Give your edits the ultimate cinematic look and feel with our professional LUTs. Built for a range of lighting and colour scenarios there is something for every scene in this versatile pack.

Each LUT comes with both ‘Standard’ (STD) and ‘LOG’ (LOG) formats. LOG is designed for grading flat colour profiles, and STD is designed for non-flat profiles.

This pack includes 20 LUT files (in both “.cube” and “.3dl” format):

– Orange & Teal LUT (STD + LOG)
– Autumnal Mountain (STD + LOG)
– Canyon (STD + LOG)
– Desaturated Greens (STD + LOG)
– Desert (STD + LOG)
– Infrared (STD + LOG)
– Philippines (STD + LOG)
– Spring (STD + LOG)
– Tahiti (STD + LOG)
– Tanned Skin (STD + LOG)



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