Fog II : Cinematic haze, smoke, and atmospheric effects | Lens Distortions – Free Download

Fog II: Cinematic haze, smoke, and atmospheric effects – Lensdistortions

Create atmospheric depth

Haze and fog are extremely versatile. They can create subtle texture and movement in a scene or contribute to feelings of mystery and conflict. Great filmmakers utilize these elements to create a sense of spatial volume and depth in their visuals.

With Fog II, we meticulously captured fog, haze, wispy smoke and atmospheric elements in various configurations and patterns. We then curated them into four essential categories – Slower, Faster, Textured, and Lower – to help you easily find the clip that best complements your scene.

Highest Quality

All the effects are 100% optically-captured in-camera. This gives you organic movement, texture and a great sense of realism that would be time-consuming to replicate with CGI.


  • Includes 50 curated clips
  • 4 Distinct Categories: Slower, Faster, Textured, Lower
  • Compatible with all video editing apps
  • 4K ProRes: 14GB


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