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TransZoom 3

Professional Zoom Transitions

TransZoom 3 is a set of customizable zoom mask transitions designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro. Seamlessly move from one scene to the next with drag and drop ease.

Intel graphics cards are not compatible with this plugin.

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 and Mac OS 10.15


16 Presets – Endless Possibilities

TransZoom 3 includes a variety of animations. Select from presets such as Bulge, Shear, Twirl, Twirl and Bulge, Zoom, and Zoom & Spin. Then, select an animation style such as ease in and out, ease all, elastic, swing, or bounce. Find the perfect transition for any scene.



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Drag & Drop Transitions

After installing TransZoom 3, you will find it in the Transitions Browser of your Final Cut Pro X library. There are 16 presets to choose from. Each preset allows control over motion blur amount, animation type, a and b zoom, spin, shake, and various style controls



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Any Resolution, Aspect Ratio, or Frame Rate

With TransZoom 3 each transition automatically adapts to any resolution, aspect ratio, or frame rate. TransZoom 3 is perfect for any project.

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Any Speed

With TransZoom 3 each transition can be spread out to a custom length allowing users to have a personalized timed transition.




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