FCPX调色 FCPX Looks Suite | Pixel Film Studios – Professional Film Looks Collection for FCPX M1

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1 and Intel Processors

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.5 and Mac OS 10.15 and above

Professional Film Looks Collection for FCPX

Pixel Film Studios introduces its’ largest collection of professional color grading tools to date with the FCPX Looks Suite for Final Cut Pro. Featuring 1000 amazing film look tools from 31 diverse category types, FCPX Looks Suite includes a color styling for any production. Create a color palette for an action-packed blockbuster, a washed out retro color style for a trip down memory lane, a professional film quality grade for your production and many more with FCPX Looks Suite from Pixel Film Studios.

What is in the package?

Final Cut Pro X Divider tool from Pixel Film Studios

Final Cut Pro X Plugin FCPX Light Rays from Pixel Film Studios

1000+ Amazing Film Looks & Tools

Final Cut Pro X Divider tool from Pixel Film Studios

FCPX Looks Suite comes out swinging with 1000 presets to help editors professionally color grade their media in Final Cut Pro. There are 31 incredible and diverse style categories to choose from. Enhance your media with seasonal, action, mono, instant photo, noir, cinematic and many many more film looks. 

Featuring FCPX Looks Suite Toolbox

In addition to the hundreds of film looks provided, users can enjoy a collection of over 40 stylization tools for adding extra effects to their footage. Adjust media with blurring, distorting, color washes, film overlays, and much more with a few clicks.



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