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ProZoom Highlight

Documentary Tools for FCPX

ProZoom Highlight is a set of zooming tools created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.  Use ProZoom Highlight to quickly zoom into an area and highlight a subjects, objects, and text with incredible ease by isolating the area and adjusting the contrast between the cut-out and background layers.  This plugin is the perfect complement for documentaries and explanation videos.

Using ProZoom Highlight in Final Cut Pro X

Draw Focus to Subjects with Ease

ProZoom Highlight enables users to highlight characters, text, and small objects within Final Cut Pro X with incredible ease.  Simply place a preset above an image in the timeline, then use the built-in masking tool to draw a mask around the subject you wish to highlight.  Then use background controls to add contrast between the layers.  Lastly, use camera controls to determine the zoom position.  ProZoom Highlight will do the rest!.

Up to 4 Animation Durations

ProZoom Highlight features two types of presets with four animation durations: 0.5 seconds, 1.0 seconds, 1.5 seconds, and 2.0 seconds.  “Zoom In, Hold” presets will instantly zoom to a position, then hold it position for the remainder of the title preset’s duration.  The “Zoom In, Hold, Zoom Out” preset will animate the same way but zoom back out after holding.  Both types of presets can be stretched limitlessly to extend the duration of the on-screen hold time.

Built-In Masking Tool

ProZoom Highlight also features a built-in masking tool.  To use the masking tool, start by clicking around the subject and completing the mask. Double-click the line to add a point. Double-click a point to change its curvature. Command + double-click on a point to delete it. With these simple controls, user can refine their cut-out selection.

Background and Drop Shadow Controls

The background controls featured in this plugin allow users to achieve the perfect amount of contrast between the subject and its surroundings. Choose to darken and/or blur the background to make the subject-cut out pop on-screen.  Lastly, users can add a drop shadow to create a subtle 3D effect to the highlighted area.



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