FCPX特效 ProDrop Space – Pixel Film Studios M1 唯美虚幻宇宙银河行星粒子转动背景

ProDrop Space

Space Backgrounds For FCPX

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4 and Mac OS 10.13.6

Pixel Film Studios brings Final Cut Pro X users an epic intergalactic tool for the ultimate in space background creation. ProDrop Space includes over 40 presets including star controls, inter-changable planets, and compositing overlays. Adding in the ultimate space environments has never been easier for any FCPX user.

Background Generators with ProDrop: Space in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Background Generators for Final Cut Pro X

Over 40 presets

ProDrop Space includes over 40 FCPX tools including generators for space environments, and titles for compositing overlays. Each generator includes star controls, nebula and gas overlay settings, and interchange-able planets with on-screen controls.


Professional - Background Generators for Final Cut Pro X

Includes Planets & more

ProDrop Space includes numerous elements for the ultimate space creation toolset exlusively for FCPX. Users simply stack the generators and titles, and compound them to add even more effects. Ringed planets, ice worlds, and even Planet Earth are included.


Professional - Background Generators for Final Cut Pro X

All the tools for Space

ProDrop Space includes all the nevessary tools for limitless space environment creativity. Users can select different space backdrops with gasses, nebulas, and thousands of stars. The planet generators allow easy placement of worlds in the foreground. Color, blur, bokeh, and flare controls are included for the ultimate level of realism.


Professional - Background Generators for Final Cut Pro X

Designed For FCPX

ProDrop Space is an exclusively set of FCPX tools and generators. FCPX users have al the necessary tools, including effect overlays for vignettes, flying stars, and more. On-screen controls help the user arrange each star system, for limiltless environments and ultimate value.



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