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Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1&M2 and Intel Processors

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro  10.4.7 / 10.5.3 (M1 Version) above

This plugin requires Mac OS 10.15 / 11.2.2 (M1 Version) above

ProBubble 3D

Trackable Chat Bubbles for FCPX

ProBubble 3D is a set of self-animating chat bubble graphics created for use in Final Cut Pro X. Track and display chat bubbles containing quotes, titles, comments, and more with ProBubble 3D. Choose from 30 different social designs that all include the newly updated Track Editor 2.1 built right in for quick and easy motion tracking. Easily customize each preset with on-screen controls and published controls. ProBubble 3D is fully customizable exclusively in Final Cut Pro X.


30 Chat Bubble designed Presets

ProBubble 3D is a package of 30 trackable 3D chat bubbles designed for users of all skill levels. Each preset is fully customizable with controls such as scale, color, rotation, text and more. Best of all, ProBubble 3D is simple and easy to use all within Final Cut Pro X.


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Track Editor 2.1

ProBubble 3D now includes Track Editor 2.1 which has been designed to improve the tracking workflow and increase ease of use for all editors. The Track Editor can be opened with a simple click and features built-in instructions and tool tips to help guide you. The Track Editor also features its own timeline which allows users to easily manipulate their track data. 


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On-Screen and Published Controls

Final Cut Pro X users can edit the transform controls of the chat bubble in 3D dimensions by manipulating the easy to use on-screen controls. These controls will determine the scale, position, and rotation with the drag of the mouse. In addition to on-screen controls, all other published controls can be found in the inspector window on the right-hand side of the viewer.   


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Exclusive to Final Cut Pro X

ProBubble 3D is designed and custom-built for Final Cut Pro X editors and users. Each preset has been hand-crafted in order to be used for all types of social situations. Because of this, it’s simple and effective to stylize each preset to the desired media all within Final Cut Pro X.



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