FCPX特效 FCPX Line Tracker – Pixel Film Studios | Point-to-Point Line Tracking Tool Plugins For Final Cut Pro X

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1&M2 and Intel Processors

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7  | 10.5.3 (M1) 

and Mac OS 10.15   | 11.2 (M1)  above

FCPX Line Tracker

Point-to-Point Line Tracking Tool for FCPX

Pixel Film Studios presents the FCPX Line Tracker, a set of professional point-to-point line creation tools featuring motion tracking in Final Cut Pro X. With the FCPX Line Tracker, you can track the movement of any two points to create a line. Create a connection between any two subjects with ease. Utilizing the built-in ruler, you can use FCPX Line Tracker to display the distance between two subjects or the dimensions of a subject in a moving scene. Choose from 15 different end point types and resolutions in HD, 4K UHD, 5K and Vertical HD. Create amazing connections within your video using the FCPX Line Tracker from Pixel Film Studios.

FCPX Line Tracker

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Final Cut Pro X Plugin FCPX Light Rays from Pixel Film Studios

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Point-to-Point Trackable Line Tool

The FCPX Line Tracker features two built-in trackers so that users can track the movement of any two points in their scene. Once tracked, a line will automatically be created extending from one point to the next. You can customize the line however you like. Create solid lines, colored lines and lines made out of dotted paths.


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Customizable Ruler Tool

There are two ruler presets included in FCPX Line Tracker. The first features dynamic values that adjust to the distance between the two points and the second features fixed values that shrink or expand with the changes made to the line. You can adjust the start value, difference between points, digit size, number of digits and more with both presets.


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15 End Point Types

The FCPX Line Trackers contains drop-down menus filled with different point options for both the start and end points of the line. You can create lines with different point types or use the same point type on both ends. Choose from circles, squares, arrows, crosshairs, lines, brackets, magnifications, and drop zones for adding your own media.



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