FCPX特效 FCPX Path Generator – Pixel Film Studios | Trail Creation Tool Plugins For Final Cut Pro X

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1&M2 and Intel Processors

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7  / 10.5.3 (M1 Version)

and MacOS0 10.15  / 11.2.2 (M1 Version) above

FCPX Path Generator

Trail Creation Tool for FCPX

Create beautiful motion trails in Final Cut Pro with this amazing tool from Pixel Film Studios. The FCPX Path Generator features built-in tracking functionality so that users can track the movement of a subject to create a path. Display navigation, draw attention to the movement of a specific subject, or simply enhance media with stylish graphics. Get creative with the FCPX Path Generator from Pixel Film Studios.


Create a Path

FCPX Path Generator lets users create amazing motion trails that follow the movement of a tracked subject. Once the trail has been made, users can offset its position and increase its size with on-screen controls. Then, users may adjust the birth rate and life to edit the spacing and falloff of the trail.


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Track Editor 2.1

FCPX Path Generator now includes Track Editor 2.1 which has been designed to improve the tracking workflow and increase ease of use for all editors. The Track Editor can be opened with a simple click and features built-in instructions and tool tips to help guide you. The Track Editor also features its own timeline which allows users to easily manipulate their track data. 


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Fully Customizable

Users can create a wide variety of unique looks trails thanks to the intuitive controls found in the FCPX Path Generator. Create paths with different sizes and colors, with wide or narrow spacing and with any source shape. Set the lifespan of particles and adjust their sizes at birth and death. The possibilities are endless with the FCPX Path Generator.  


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Designed for Final Cut Pro X

FCPX Path Generator lets users create paths made out of circles, quadrilaterals and even their own custom images. Just change the source type to Drop Zone and apply an image from the timeline. Users can create an endless amount of unique paths with this feature. Add three-dimensional depth to the path by emitting the particles. Just increase the speed parameter to push particles in 3D space. Then, adjust the Emission Angle and Emission Longitude controls to align the angle of the emission.



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