FCPX特效 FCPX 3D Portrait – Pixel Film Studios | 3D Face Projection Tools Plugins For Final Cut Pro X

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1&M2 and Intel Processors

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.6 and Mac OS 11.6 and above


FCPX 3D Portrait

3D Face Projection Tools for Final Cut Pro

Help your photos come to life with FCPX 3D Portrait from Pixel Film Studios. Utilizing 3D projection, you can apply a photo of any face and turn it into a 3D mesh that is animatable inside Final Cut Pro. FCPX 3D Portrait includes an on-screen control for adjusting the 3D angle and advanced lighting effects so that you can customize your 3d creation to your heart’s content. Pixel Film Studios makes miracles happen with FCPX 3D Portrait in Final Cut Pro. 


Create Amazing 3D Portraits

FCPX 3D Portrait can help you create amazing masterpieces in seconds, analyzing the details from your selected photo and turning it into a 3D spectacle.

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Make Adjustments in 3D Space

After detecting a face and turning on the 3D projection, switch the Control Mode to Display 3D Rotation OSC and using the on-screen puck to quickly edit the angle of your 3d photo and keyframe the angle to create stunning animations.

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  Advanced Lighting Capabilities

FCPX 3D Portrait features a dynamic set of lighting controls to help you bring your photo to life. Mix and match ambient, directional and point lighting to create a beautiful scene. Choose from a variety of directional blur presets, or get specific with the built-in point lighting to light your photo however you need.




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