FCPX特效 FCPX Brush 2.0 – Pixel Film Studios | Drawing Tool for Final Cut Pro X


FCPX Brush is new and improved with vector-based drawing. Draw on-screen directly inside Final Cut Pro and customize drawings with incredible ease. FCPX Brush now includes a pop-up editor and completely customizable brush strokes. Adjust the points of each drawing, apply auto-animating write on effects, and even utilize onion skin features to make drawing in Final Cut Pro easier than ever. Explore the freedom of using a brush directly inside of Final Cut Pro X all with a non destructive workflow.

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1 M2 and Intel Processors

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 and Mac OS 10.15 and above


Final Cut Pro X Divider tool from Pixel Film Studios

New Pop-Up Brush Editor

FCPX Brush is back and easier than ever to use. Just apply the brush tool and click on the Open Editor button to open up the brush editor interface. The Editor lets you draw brush strokes on-screen, adjust their points, select them and edit their stylization, duration and more. You can set the amount of frames each stroke appears on-screen for by dragging the selection’s ends in the timeline or using the Frame Duration slider. You can duplicate frames and utilize onion skin functionality to make animating easier than ever. FCPX Brush is packed with new features and an improved workflow thanks to the brand new brush editor.

Final Cut Pro X Divider tool from Pixel Film Studios

Vector-Based Drawing

FCPX Brush now includes vector-based non-destructive drawing. Inside the editor you can create a brush stroke and switch to Select Points mode to modify the position of each point in the brush. You can select any brush stroke you’ve drawn and customize it after the fact using controls in the Editor window. Adjust the brush’s width, opacity, feather, roundness and much more. You can even set automatic write-on animations and fill in closed shapes with the click of button.


Final Cut Pro X Divider tool from Pixel Film Studios


Auto-Animating Brush Strokes

Create dynamic parallax photos using the included multi cut-out depth tools in FCPX Photo Depth. You can use either built-in the brush tool or the built-in masking tool to create up to 3 cut-outs in your photo and shift their positions and rotations in 3D space to create a parallax effect. You can even add distortion to each layer to further push the 3D effect. Take your project to the next level in creativity and professionalism with multi cut-out depth tools.


Final Cut Pro X Divider tool from Pixel Film Studios


60+ Included Brush Textures

FCPX Brush features a variety of built-in brush textures to choose from. To apply a texture, first use the brush editor to change the Brush Type from Solid to Image. Then, export your drawing and select a Brush Texture using the drop-down menu. Choose from dry brushes, oil pastels, splatter brushes and much much more.




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