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The Accusonus ​Enhancement​ and ​Repair​ of ​Audio (ERA) Bundle ​is a collection of ten single-knob audio repair plugins that offer both fast and high-quality processing. These plugins are not only incredibly effective but also ridiculously easy to use. Whether one is a seasoned pro or just starting out, the ERA Bundle can help them hassle-free, quality results.


Here are the plugins you can expect to find in the Accusonus ERA 5 Bundle (Standard Version):

Mouth DeClicker

Mouth Noise ruins audio. Fixing it is time consuming, and so is re-recording. Instead, you can use Mouth De-Clicker; it highlights all mouth sounds, lip smacks and saliva crackles in your track. You can then remove them quickly with a simple interface. Fast and efficient de-clicking, allowing you to spend less hours cleaning, and more time creating. It’s never been easier to fix mouth noise.


Noise Remover

Background noise is the most common problem in audio and video recordings. Use the ERA Noise Remover to easily reduce or completely remove unwanted background noise such as computer fans, air-conditioners, electric hum & hiss or other sonic artifacts.


Voice Deepener 

The Voice Deepener will make everyone’s voice sound more like they hear it themselves and less like it sounds in recordings. Get that “movie-trailer voice” effect with a single dial. Make your voice sound deeper and more soothing in seconds. Create voice recordings that will allure, convince and hook everyone.


Voice AutoEQ

Instantly clear muddiness and boominess, add body and make your voice sound crisp. The Voice AutoEQ is a new, revolutionary plugin. It listens to your voice and allows you to enhance it in real time. Ιmprove voice clarity in a way that’s impossible with normal EQ. Use the round cursor to navigate inside the triangle and find the right balance between Air, Body and Clarity. Make your voice cut through the mix!


Reverb Remover

Based on the accusonus multi-patented audio restoration technology, ERA Reverb Remover automatically estimates the reverberation profile and offers the means to adjust the reverberation amount with a single control. It’s the first ever single-knob plugin to quickly reduce excessive reverb and bring your sound into focus. Add clarity, clean up your dialogue or tighten up your musical performance simply by turning a knob.


The ERA 5 De-Esser has a brand new engine that’s built from the ground up to produce natural results with none of the harshness. Coupled with a new simplified UI that does more for you automatically behind the scenes, means De-Esser is faster than ever to work with, while the quality soars to new heights.

Harsh sibilance can be very annoying in both dialogue and vocal recordings. Getting rid of those noisy high-frequency consonants can be a complicated, time-consuming task. This is why we developed an easy-to-use, fast and powerful tool that requires minimum effort but offers great results.

Plosive Remover

The ERA 5 Plosive Remover is now markedly better in detecting those pops, leading to improved consistency across every application. The facelift keeps things fresh, while using it is just as easy as ever.

Plosives (or p-pops) are caused by the mechanical impact of fast-moving air on the microphone capsule during voice recordings. This usually occurs due to non-ideal microphone placement. However, fixing these distracting artifacts can be a real pain and many times you’ll have to re-record. Unless, of course, you add the ERA Plosive Remover to your audio repair arsenal.

Voice Leveler

Deep changes have made the ERA 5 Voice Leveler smarter and more effective. Modes are now automatically configured behind the scenes and the big knob keeps track of previously undiscovered nuances that guide its processing. The result is a far more natural sound while eliminating nearly all false detections. So much so, that transparent breath handling with the newly improved Breath Control is just icing on the cake.

Gain inconsistencies are common in both audio and video recordings. They often happen as a result of unintentional speaker movement, non-ideal microphone positioning or heavy audio & video editing. Instead of spending hours on manual gain adjustments, use the new ERA Voice Leveler to normalize the volume levels of speech or dialogue recordings in seconds, without leaving your DAW or NLE environment.


The ultra high-quality engine behind De-Clipper has gotten faster without compromising quality. The improved CPU performance means it now works better with slower computers or you can simply take advantage of the time saved while processing. The ​ERA De-Clipper is the world’s first fully automatic de-clipping software. It restores saturated audio segments and improves the overall signal quality. You don’t have to mess with threshold adjustment anymore, as ERA De-Clipper ​automatically detects clipped parts and tunes the thresholds for you. You just have to select between Mode 1 (for standard use) and Mode 2 (for trickier cases). Repair your clipped audio in seconds with the new ERA De-Clipper.

Audio Clean-Up Assistant 
Further improve your workflow and avoid juggling between multiple plugin windows and parameters. ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant allows you to work smarter and faster. It combines several ERA Standard plugins and offers carefully-curated presets that you can use as a starting point for your audio processing. Build your own audio repair chain – which you can recall anytime – or save time by choosing from the Clean-Up Assistant’s presets, rather than configuring them yourself from scratch.




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