FCPX特效 FCPX3D Model – Pixel Film Studios 直接导入OBJ三维3d模型插件+使用说明

FCPX3D Model Lite

3D Model Loader for FCPX

FCPX3D Model 1.0 Lite from Pixel Film Studios allows Final Cut Pro X users to upload and control 3D objects in FCPX. With Object and Environment controls, users can customize the texture, lighting, background and reflection of their 3D model without ever having to open another software.

Intel graphics cards are not compatible with this plugin.

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 and Mac OS 10.14.6

Not support for Apple Silicon M1

3D Object Model Loaders with FCPX3D: Model 1.0 Lite


3D Objects in FCPX!

FCPX3D Model 1.0 Lite was professionally designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios for FCPX! Users can simply drag-and-drop a Model layer into the timeline and fill it with an OBJ file. FCPX3D Model 1.0 Lite contains easy-to-use controls in the Final Cut Pro X Inspector that allow editors to customize their object, environment, and lighting without ever having to open another 3D software!


Professional - 3D Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Environmental Lighting

With FCPX3D Model 1.0 Lite, users can import their 3D model within Final Cut Pro with the ability to adapt to any HDRI Map environment. Once uploaded, these objects will be able to reflect or even cast shadows on one another in real time.


Professional - 3D Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Add Textures and Reflections

Final Cut Pro X users can add realistic textures to their models by applying normal, diffusion, specular, reflection and opacity maps to their objects. FCPX3D Model 1.0 Lite supports basic MTL files. Users can also remove the texture entirely to create a wireframe or point frame rendering of their 3D model.


Professional - 3D Tools for Final Cut Pro X

HDRI Environments

Create a 360° viewing experience by adding an HDRI photosphere environment. With an HDRI background, users can move and pivot in any direction without running into any edges or seams. Also, if the Object is reflective, it will interact with the environment.


Professional - 3D Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Control the Lighting

Users can move up to 8 light sources around in 3D space and watch as their 3D object reacts in real-time. Once the lights and environment are in place, editors can adjust the reflection and shadow parameters to help blend their model into the scene, seamlessly.



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