FCPX音效 CrumplePop Levelmatic – FxFactory M1

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 and Mac OS 11.5.1 and above

Fix audio that is too loud or too quiet

It’s a common problem – your audio sounds fine, but then the speaker moves away from the microphone, and it’s too quiet. Or maybe you have two people being interviewed, and one of them is located farther away from the microphone. Levelmatic automatically detects areas of your audio that are too quiet or too loud, and fixes them.

Go beyond compressors and limiters

Compressors and limiters are great tools, but it takes a lot of skill and time to get natural-sounding results from them. Levelmatic isn’t a compressor or a limiter – it combines the functions of both, and it does so intelligently. Just set your target output level, and then adjust the Strength knob. Levelmatic adjusts levels as it goes, keeping the natural dynamics of speech intact.

Save time – no more keyframing

Levelmatic fixes the levels in your audio automatically, so you don’t need to manually keyframe around every single loud or quiet area in your audio. A task that would ordinarily require hours of keyframing can be completed with Levelmatic in minutes.



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