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Logo Reveals for FCPX

ProBrand Accents is a set of 30 professionally designed logo reveals made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X . With ProBrand Accents users can easily reveal any logo in just a few clicks of a mouse. Customizable accents settings give Final Cut Pro X users control over the style and animation of each preset. Use these presets to add a uniquely animated logo to any photos or videos. Its never been easier to create a unique logo reveal thanks to ProBrand Accents.

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 and Mac OS 10.15

Effects with ProBrand Accents in Final Cut Pro X

ProBrand: Accents - Logo Reveals For FCPX

30 Creative Presets

ProBrand Accents includes 30 shape mask reveal animations. Easily reveal any type of logo with easy to use drop zones and a universal set of animations. Editors can select from a variety of unique accent boxes, lines and more. In Addition, users can modify each preset to fit any logo design. Also, with the included sliders and color pickers, making a unique logo reveal has never been easier.

ProBrand: Accents - Logo Reveals For FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

ProBrand Accents makes displaying any logo easy and quick. Each preset includes easy to use sliders and color pickers that allow users to customize the style to match any logo. Easily adjust the scale, rotation, and position with intuitive on-screen controls provided with every preset. Adjust the shape backdrop type, color, scale and opacity to fit any logo ranging from corporate abstract logos to cartoon character styled logos. Making a personalized logo reveal has never been easier, on account of ProBrand: Accents.

ProBrand: Accents - Logo Reveals For FCPX

Unique Animations

ProBrand Accents offer users a hassle-free solution for revealing any logo. Furthermore, each Preset animation includes a customizable accent animations that allows users to easily reveal their logo. As a result, users never have to get bogged down with setting animation keyframes ever again. Click and drag any of the 30 professionally animated presets into the timeline and let ProBrand Accents do the rest.

ProBrand: Accents - Logo Reveals For FCPX

Adjustable Backgrounds

Editors can easily adjust the style of background effects with easy to use sliders and color controls. In addition, users can adjust background effects that include gradients and blurs. Change the look and feel of any logo reveal by simply clicking on the included sliders and color controls. Users can even choose to fade in the background effects or turn it off altogether. To conclude, making a logo reveal in Final Cut Pro X has never been easier.



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