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FCPX Disintegrate

Particle Disintegration Tools for Final Cut Pro

Harness the ability to snap your text and media into dust using Pixel Film Studios’ FCPX Disintegrate tools for Final Cut Pro. Just drop a disintegrate tool onto your media and watch as it crumbles into particles and is picked up by the wind. FCPX Disintegrate contains a variety of customizable particle controls so editors can adjust particle sizes, velocity, decay, turbulence, gravity and more! Take advantage of the advanced tool to have complete control over the particles, the basic tool to edit particles with simplified drop-down options, the brush tool to draw on-screen and isolate the area you want to disintegrate and a set of 30 pre-made disintegration looks for editors to choose from. FCPX Disintegrate is the ultimate particle disintegration tool for Final Cut Pro.

This plugin requires Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 and Mac OS 10.14.6

Product Compatible with Apple Silicon M1


New Update includes 30+ Disintegration Presets

30+ Easy to use Disintegration Presets

FCPX Disintegrate has been updated to included over 30 brand new disintegration presets. These presets are designed to be a strong starting point when working with the disintegration tools. Select from various disintegration animations which can be altered to fit your media.

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  Brush Disintegrate Tool

FCPX Disintegrate includes the Brush Disintegrate Tool. This tool combines our new and improved brush tool with the disintegration tool, allowing users to quickly and easily draw where they want the image to disintegrate or emit particles from.


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  FCPX Disintegrate Title Layers

Our FCPX plugin includes a basic tool, and a more advanced tool for those that want to take their animation to the next level. Simply place the preset over your media in the timeline and edit the particle disintegration controls to your liking.


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FCPX Disintegrate Transitions

This FCPX tool includes 6 different particle dissolve transitions, each with easy to use controls and therefore delivers another way of ultimate customization.


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Use With Any Media

Disintegrate is extremely versatile and certainly a valuable part of our tools collection, it can be used to dissolve text layers, company logos, images, videos and much more.


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FCPX Disintegrate Plugins work with any Resolution/Media Types

This program is compatible with all resolutions and aspect ratios, making it one of the most versatile disintegration plugins on the market. This includes HD, 4K, 5K, and also mobile.



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