FCPX动画 FCPX Cursor Toolbox 55组光标移动点击动画

Click and Drag Tools for FCPX Create amazing animated graphics with ease using the FCPX Cursor Toolbox from Pixel Film Studios. Click buttons, drag media, display animated type effects and more thanks to a variety of unique tools provided in this package. Select from a long list of cursor types or opt to use your own custom images. Use to create instructions, promote your brand and display options in fun ways. The possibilities are endless with the FCPX Cursor Toolbox from Pixel Film Studios. Dynamic Cursor Graphics The FCPX Cursor Toolbox provides users with a plethora of tools for creating amazing cursor graphics. Animate cursors by setting a motion path, click on built-in customizable buttons, drag media from one place to another, and even display the typing of text using FCPX Cursor Toolbox’s provided tools. Advanced Click Customization Customize click animations in a variety of ways by adjusting a few simple controls. Create simple tapping animations, pivots, and clicks where a point of the cursor is warped in the direction of the button. Combine and contrast these elements to create unique clicking animations. Plus, turn on elements like shape bursts and radial twists to create even more dynamic clicking animations. Use Your Own Media Final Cut editors are also able to use their own media with the FCPX Cursor Toolbox. Change the cursor image to “Custom” and apply an image to the Drop Zone to insert your own media as the cursor. Users can also add their own media to the Drop Zone in the Drag Image presets, as a replacement button, or as a logo on the button. Plus Additional Tools The FCPX Cursor Toolbox also comes packed with a set of type indicator and display graphics tools. The type indicators allow you to display text being typed at any speed with one of three blinking indicators aligning to the end of the text. Additionally, users receive a search bar tool, a customizable drop-down menu and a slider control.



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